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Plaster souvenirs
Added Sunday 01 September 2013 at 17:31

 In the eighteenth and nineteenth century collecting anything neo classical became all the rage. For the aristocracy and the rich the grand tour provided opportunities to acquire collections of marble and canvas. For the less well to do connosseur and collector a trade in plaster replicas and souvenirs flourished.

Domenico Brucciani was born in Luca, Italy and travelled to England in the 1830s. In 1837 he establish his studio in covent garden producing plaster casts
of items in the British museum, national portrait gallery and the south Kensington museum ( Victoria and Albert museum). In 1866 he cast an 18 meter wide section of the facade of the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. Shown here is an example of his work sold by Tales from the rookery.

 The Scot John Henning moved to London In 1811 where he saw the newly arrived Elgin Marbles. He made indicate copies of them in slate from which he produced moulds . From these he produced plaster copies in various sizes for the connoisseur collector as well as the Athenaum. He failed to copyright his work and others benefitted from his endeavour. His original slate models were bought by the british museum in 1938. Shown here is an example for sale at Tale from the rookery.

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